Common Seller Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Common Seller Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

We are fortunate that Greenville’s real estate market has been hot for years. The combination of increased demand, lack of inventory and low interest rates has resulted in fewer days on the market and a higher return for most sellers. But, even in a strong market, sellers have to be realistic about their home – how it stacks up against the competition, its true value (not what the neighbor sold their house for, the tax record assessment or the recent Zestimate)—its real condition, and how to get it from listed to sold. If not, it is going to be a long, rocky road!


Are you selling? About to sell? Then read along for the top five home seller mistakes:


Overpricing Your Home

I run into this one a lot. The common misperception is to price it high and if it does not sell quickly, then lower the price and it will sell immediately. Or if you price it high then you have more room to “come down”. If you price your home too high initially, you set yourself up for real failure.


The best chance at selling your home to the most buyers at the highest price is immediately upon listing. So, if it is priced correctly, you are more likely to get a full-priced offer, or even multiple offers. If you price it too high, agents and buyers will think you are not serious and then the home will sit, and sit and sit. Then you’ll have to lower it substantially to hit a different buyer pool.


Think of your home like a new dress that comes into a store. It is exciting and most coveted when it immediately hits the store – especially if it is priced right. You will probably jump to purchase it. How about the dress that is sitting on the clearance rack with many reductions made on it? And it is still sitting there week after week you go into the store. It is not that exciting anymore, is it?


Making Showings Challenging

The primary goal after your home hits the market is to get as many buyers into your home as possible. That way you do not miss the opportunity window. So, test the new cut keys to verify they will unlock and lock the doors. Make sure the lockbox is easily accessible. Do not ask for 24-hour notice for showings. Do not cancel showings. A dream scenario is to list your home and then leave for the weekend so the maximum number of people will be able to come through your home. Then, maybe you will return on Sunday with multiple offers!


Not Countering An Offer

I have dealt with this issue many times. Sometimes I had buyer clients who wanted to submit a lowball offer and other times I represented sellers who received unrealistic offers. The one thing I have learned is that it is always best to counter the offer. Sometimes buyers just want to “feel” out the sellers to see how motivated they are to sell—if they are in a desperate situation or not—or just to feel better that they tried to “steal it” even if they could not.


While it is not the best practice for buyers to submit offers that are not based on comparable sales data and advice from a real estate agent who knows that market, it does happen. The best advice I can give to sellers who receive a lower offer than expected is to counter it – even if the original offer is insulting – because more often than not, it will work out. It was just a test. And, you will not know if it will work out if you do not even try.


Property Condition Denial

Many sellers have an unrealistic perception of their home’s condition. When you live in a home, it is often easy to overlook all the smudges on painted walls, scratched up floors, cracked windows, and items that just do not work as they should.

After living in a home for a while, you often just get used to these things or you may forget that the roof, HVAC and hot water heater are all 20+ years old.


My best advice is to get an accurate picture of your home’s condition prior to listing from an agent who can also tell you what needs to be done to get the most return on your investment. If you put yourself in a buyer’s position, wouldn’t you be more likely to pay top dollar for a home with newer systems or that looked fresh?


Selective Disclosure

Make sure that you honestly disclose everything you know about the home. It is easy to point out all the positives, but you need to also accurately state the ages of the major components in the home, any issues you had and what was done to resolve it (include contractor documentation). Leaving disclosures blank or vague only heightens buyers’ doubts and concerns and will not result in a good offer if one comes at all. Be honest!


Contact me for more tips on how to successfully sell your home, for the best price, in the shortest amount of time!

Maximizing Your Indoor/Outdoor Living Space

Maximizing Your Indoor/Outdoor Living Space

We’re in that sweet spot between spring storms and intense summer humidity when the days are long and the sun is bright. Now that school is out for the summer, we can truly enjoy these gorgeous summer days and nights with our families and loved ones. It’s the perfect time to enjoy your backyard and make the most out of your indoor/outdoor living space. Whether you’re looking to make a big change, or just add a few finishing touches, I’ve got a few suggestions that will make you never want to leave your backyard.


Mix up your seating area: Your outdoor living area doesn’t have to be limited to a few simple chairs and a table. Double the relaxation with a hammock, porch swing or chaise lounge. Be sure to invest in furniture and fabrics that are weather resistant and will hold up well against wear and tear. Add a fun pop of summertime color with outdoor throw pillows. One of my favorite local places to get these is 4Rooms on Augusta Road.


Light up the night: Incorporate various forms of lighting to help your indoor/outdoor space transition from day to night. Ornate, oversized candles in decorative holders are a great way to brighten up your space and show off your personal style. I spotted some wonderful scented candles at Gages last weekend during Summer on Augusta. Purchase citronella candles to do double duty and keep bugs at bay. Another popular choice for outdoor lighting is bulb string lights. String them along your fence or above your patio for a fun, carefree summer vibe. Check out World Market on Woodruff Road for a great selection.


Add an element of fun: People will be drawn to an indoor/outdoor living space that allows them to enjoy themselves. Whether it be as simple as an outdoor television or as exciting an all-purpose Ping-Pong table, adding a focal point to your space will draw your friends and family out of the house and into your yard. Add a beer tap to your outdoor kitchen for parties or opt for a fire table in lieu of a fire pit in order to enjoy your meals around the fire with ease.


Purchase Party Essentials: No matter what you are looking for in terms of party décor and essentials, you can find it at The Pickwick Pharmacy and Soda Fountain. They have a wide variety of color coordinating cups, napkins utensils, plates and even balloons that you can pre-order and they’ll have ready and waiting for you! Another local favorite for party essentials and unique décor is Paisley and Paper—also on Augusta Road!


Get ready to party! After you’ve gotten your indoor/outdoor space ready, it’s time to party! A couple of favorites from Greenville, SC locals are Itz Spritz, a flavorful sparkling alcohol beverage crafted with simple, natural ingredients that pairs well with Carolina Girl Cooks orange cardamom, lavender, rose and chocolate rosemary sea salt tea cookies.