Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by architecture, history and real estate, and my job as a real estate agent has been a great way to combine all three interests.

One particular entity that I’ve found most intriguing lately is the National Register of Historic Places. According to its website, the National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the nation’s historic places worthy of preservation. Authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate and protect America’s historic and archeological resources.

Digging a little deeper, I found that there are 81 properties and districts in Greenville County listed on the National Register. The city of Greenville is the location of 43 of these properties and districts, while the properties and districts in the remaining parts of the county are listed separately. Another 4 properties in Greenville were once listed, but have since been removed.

How many of these 43 properties and districts did you know were on the list? 

  1. Hugh Aiken House – 1 Parkside Drive
  2. Allen Temple A.M.E. Church – 109 Green Avenue
  3. American Cigar Factory  E. Court Street
  4. Fountain Fox Beattie House – N. Church Street
  5. Beth Israel Synagogue – 307 Townes Street
  6. Broad Margin – 9 W. Avondale Drive
  7. Brushy Creek – 327 Rice Street
  8. Carolina Supply Company – 35 W. Court Street
  9. Chamber of Commerce Building – 130 S. Main Street
  10. Christ Church (Episcopal) and Churchyard – 10 N. Church Street
  11. Davenport Apartments – 400-402 E. Washington Street
  12. T. Q. Donaldson House – 412 Crescent Avenue
  13. Downtown Baptist Church – 101 W. McBee Avenue
  14. Earle Town House – 107 James Street
  15. Col. Elias Earle Historic District – Earle, James, N. Main and Rutherford Streets
  16. East Park Historic District – Roughly bounded by East Park Avenue, Bennett Street, Harcourt Drive and Rowley Street
  17. First National Bank – 102 S. Main Street
  18. Gilfillin and Houston Building – 217-219 E. Washington Street
  19. Greenville County Courthouse – 130 S. Main Street
  20. Greenville Elks Lodge – 18 E. North Street
  21. Greenville Gas and Electric Light Company – 211 E. Broad Street
  22. Hampton-Pinckney Historic  District – Hampton Avenue and Pinckney Street between Butler Avenue and Lloyd Street, and Hudson Streets and Butler and Asbury Avenues
  23. Imperial Hotel – 201 W. Washington Street
  24. Isaqueena  (Gassaway Mansion) – 106 DuPont Drive
  25. Josiah Kilgore House – N. Church and Academy Streets
  26. Lanneau-Norwood House – 417 Belmont Avenue
  27. Mills Mill – Mills and Guess Streets
  28. E. W. Montgomery Cotton Warehouse – 806 Green Avenue
  29. Parker High School Auditorium – 900 Woodside Avenue
  30. Pettigru Historic District – Pettigru, Whitsett, Williams, Manly, E. Washington, Broadus, Toy and Boyce Streets
  31. Poinsett Hotel – 120 S. Main Street
  32. Reedy River Falls Historic Park and Greenway – Both banks of the Reedy River from the falls to Church Street; also roughly bounded by S. Main and Church Streets and Camperdown Way
  33. Reedy River Industrial District – Along the Reedy River between River Street and Camperdown Way
  34. Richland Cemetery – Hilly Street and Sunflower Street
  35. Springwood Cemetery – Main Street and Elford Street
  36. Stradley and Barr Dry Goods Store – 14 S. Main Street
  37. U. S. Post Office and Courthouse – 300 E. Washington Street
  38. John Wesley United Methodist Church – 101 E. Court Street
  39. West End Commercial Historic District – Roughly the junction of Pendleton, River, Augusta and S. Main Streets, and east along Main to Camperdown Way; also 631 S. Main Street
  40. Whitehall – 310 W. Earle Street
  41. William and Harriett Wilkins House – 105 Mills Avenue
  42. Working Benevolent Temple and Professional Building – Broad and Falls Streets
  43. C. Granville Wyche House – 2900 Augusta Road

For more information visit – National Register of Historic Places in Greenville, South Carolina