Prepping your home for sale doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may seem. Making some simple changes to both the exterior and interior living spaces can make a world of difference when getting your home ready to place on the market.

First Impressions

Creating a positive first impression is the key to enticing potential buyers into your home. In order to prevent turning them away at the door, make your exterior as inviting as possible. Paint the front door, if needed, and replace any outdated exterior lighting fixtures. Buy a new welcome mat and house numbers if the old ones are dated or faded.  Improve landscaping by mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, and planting flowers. Additionally, cleaning the outside is an essential step to making your home look like new; be sure to clean gutters, outside windows and screens, and pressure wash the exterior. If you are on a budget, this step is a must!

Simplify and Showcase

The interior is where prospective buyers begin to try to envision themselves in the space. In order to make the rooms feel as large as possible, rent a storage unit for extraneous clutter and rearrange furniture to open up the space. Be sure to organize all closets and drawers to give the appearance of ample storage space. Make any necessary minor repairs so that buyers do not have to add that to their mental list of post-purchase expenses. It’s important to stage the inside of your home so that it appeals to most potential buyers; therefore, depersonalize each room by removing family photos, personal items and artwork that may turn off buyers with different taste. Ensure the walls are a neutral color, and keep décor simple.

Prior to a showing, bring extra energy into a space by letting in natural light and bringing nature indoors. Live potted plants or flowers can help fill empty corners and draw attention to features you want buyers to notice. Draw the buyer’s eyes toward any special features you seek to highlight by adding a pop of color with plants or inexpensive throw pillows.

It is important to give each room purpose and highlight the focal points of your home. For instance, let’s say you have a spare room that you’ve been using as a combination of office, crafts room and guest room. In this case, it’s better to stage this space with a single purpose so that it doesn’t confuse buyers. Dress up the bathroom as a spa-like retreat with a stack of plush white washcloths, soft bathmats, and candles. Buyers are notoriously observant, so taking the time and effort to clean your home from top to bottom is crucial. A crystal-clean, odor-free bathroom and kitchen – save, perhaps, for a fresh batch of cookies – can go a long way to allow those walking through your house to begin thinking of it more like their future home!

Last, But Not Least

After adopting some of these tips to make your home sale-ready, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and walk through your home, making notes on what a buyer would notice. Finally, the most important thing is to begin the process of letting go of your home emotionally, and prepare for a photo shoot of your home for listing purposes. With this level of preparedness, an adept Realtor, and a fair market, an offer becomes much more likely.