It’s hard to believe it’s almost March but if the fast-paced January and February 2018 real estate market is indicative of what’s to come…we’rein for one of the hottest Spring selling seasons ever! If you’re planning on selling your home this year, now is the time to start getting it ready! Historically, the Greenville market has been best before Summer rolls around so, don’t delay. See my tips below on what you can start doing now to make listing a breeze within 30 days or less!

Replace Light Bulbs and Update Dated Lighting
The perfect lighting can really enhance a home during showings, while dim or dated lighting makes itseem depressing. Simplygo through your home and replace any burned out bulbs and goto any hardware store to get some inexpensive replacement lighting if you’ve been hanging onto 1980’s brass. Hint: This is also a good time to clean dust or cobwebs off lighting.

Clean or Replace Light Plates and Switch Covers
Continuing with the lighting theme, it’s a big turn off to buyers when turning lights on/off for showings and they see cracked or dirty wall light plates and switch covers. I think these often go unnoticed when living in a home. But, the good news is, it’s a very easy and cheap fix as they can be purchased at any hardware store.

Get Extra Keys Made
While at the hardware store—Duncan’s Hardware is a great choice on Augusta Road—it’s a good time togo ahead and get keys made for the lockbox. Make sure to get a few sets and try them out to make sure they work! If the locks don’t work well, then now is the time to get those repaired. Try American Lock and Key on Laurens Road.

Begin De-Cluttering
Purchase boxes, a POD—anything that will help you de-clutter! If you are in doubt of what to keep and what to remove, contact your real estate agent or a staging professional to outline this process. De-cluttering includes all major parts of your house AND the basement and attic for optimal showing potential.

Home History Discovery
The de-cluttering phase is also a great time to unearth information about your home that will beimportant to future buyers from warranty information, to ages of major systems like roofing, HVAC, hot water heater, details on updates or renovations, surveys, average utility bills, covenants and restrictions,HOA information, paint colors and more! Create a home file for easy access to this information when ready to list.

Spruce Up Bathrooms
Re-glaze tubs if needed, add missing grout, replace cracked tiles, add new hardware if needed and replace old towels and shower curtains with crisp, white ones. Target has a great selection of bathroom décor and supplies.

Tidy Up the Kitchen
Throw out old food and dishes, get new towels, clean off the fridge and put as many things upas possible. Since kitchens and masters are typically the main selling points of a house, you’ll need to make yours shine!

Touch-Up Paint Throughout
If you can go through and touch up the paint and it looks professional that may suffice in many places, but the look and smell of a fresh paint job throughout can add thousands to your offers!

Freshen Up Flooring
Clean or replace carpets, get major hardwood scratches fixed orre-finish any areas that are in bad shape.

Contact Your Handyman
Got leaky faucets? Missing doors, broken handles… really anything that you’ve been putting off that would be off-putting to any buyer needs tobe addressed now.

Update the Landscaping, Outdoor Pots, Door Wreath or Flower Basket
A simple but effective fix—add some mulch, flowers and a pretty wreath or flower basket to the front door. This is the first impression so make it count! One of my favorite saviors for this is Joy Gregory of Pretty Pots!

Hire a Professional Cleaner to Majorly Deep Clean
While this isn’t cheap, it’s a must-do… cleaning baseboards, windows, appliances, closets, drawers…basically every inch of your home needs to be scrubbed and scrubbed!

These helpful tips should get you ready to list and stand out among the competition!

For more information on these tips OR for my full-list of recommendations on how to sell your house for top-dollar FAST, contact meat 864.313.2986 or